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Mansukh Patel was born to Indian parents in Africa during the mid 1950s. He moved to the UK at an early age, achieving a doctorate in cancer toxicology at the University of Wales, Bangor. His interest in health inspired him to pioneer unique approaches to health and wellbeing.

Mansukh Patel’s passion    

Mansukh’s passion for yoga and meditation has led him to create many books, CDs and DVDs on the subject – inspiring others to find a healthier, happier and more empowered way of living.  Yoga and meditation have always been at the very core of his work, though he recognizes that there are many routes to achieving a more fulfilling existence.

Living in the beautiful mountains of Snowdonia, Mansukh is a keen walker and has covered much of Britain on foot over the last 25 years. He draws inspiration from the natural world and enjoys exploring mountains ranges such as the Dolomites, Mt Kenya and the Himalayas.

Having learned so much as a child from the Maasai, Mansukh Patel has a tremendous respect and love for all indigenous peoples.

Mansukh Patel is married to Radhika, a Welsh singer/songwriter and teacher. They have three children and live in North Wales.

An insight into Mansukh Patel
  • April 2004

    Mansukh Patel and Savitri inaugurate the World Flame monument outside the Peace Palace in The Hague. The pathway is created of stones donated by governments from 197 countries.

  • December 1992

    Mansukh Patel meets Mother Teresa in Calcutta during the global tour 'Friendship without Frontiers'. After an inspiring meeting, she blesses their journey and patting his back says... "Now get on with it!"

  • Oct – Dec 1995

    Mansukh Patel and colleagues organise a peace walk around Ireland during which they interview political and paramilitary leaders of the peace process, including John Hulme the leader of the SDLP who went on to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • June 2000

    Mansukh Patel and Savitri MacCuish are invited to present the World Peace Flame to His Holiness Pope John Paul II before 50,000 people at a millennium conference in the Vatican. It is the climax of a peace walk, which followed the footsteps of St Francis from Assisi to Rome. Their journey is the subject of the documentary, Fiat Lux.

  • April 2002

    Mansukh Patel & Savitri McCuish inaugurate the first World Peace Flame monument outside the Peace Palace in The Hague. The monument is a great and historic symbol of peace between people and nations.

  • Sept 2002

    Mansukh Patel, Thich Nhat Hahn and Arun Gandhi lead a peace walk in Memphis, USA prior to the installation of The World Peace Flame at the National Civil Rights Museum, where Martin Luther King Jr. spoke his final words.

  • Summer 1994

    Mansukh Patel is interviewed by film maker, Philip Engelen in what would become the first of 34 televised documentaries, many of which have been broadcast throughout the world.

  • December 2002

    Mansukh Patel, Mark Victor Hansen and Michael Beckwith host The World Peace Flame Forum in Newport Beach, California, which brought together 70 of the most influential and forward-thinking people in the USA.

  • July 2004 – More about 2004 soon

    Mansukh Patel opens the Parliament of World Religions in Barcelona, Spain, with the World Peace Flame.

  • June 1999

    Mansukh Patel visits Robben Island off Cape Town, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years. He is inspired by Mandela, who used immense adversity to create the determination and vision which resulted in the end of apartheid in South Africa.